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ATOL Libraries

Object assemblies, to optimize your development

ATOL for COOL:plex is a set of Objects Class Libraries and Pattern Libraries specifically designed for COOL:Plex by Computer Associates.
If you start up or if you already have made applications, discover a new concept for your profession through the assembling of objects designed, tested and produced by AZUR Technology.

With ATOL you’re increase your productivity :

Implemented within minutes each of the objects will avoid dozens of days required to design, develop and test one single category.
You can thus immediately access new technological evolutions.

With ATOL you’re gain in
efficiency :

No specific training is required, the operation and utilisation of ATOL objects and patterns are similar to those supplied by COOL:Plex.
The team concentrates exclusively on the realisation of its applications by drawing from useful objects within ATOL library.

With ATOL you’re be safe from obsolescence :

In fact thousands of objects are enriched in step with the new functionalities. Furthermore we assure ascending compatibility of ATOL objects and patterns in relation to the evolution of COOL:Plex.

With ATOL you’re gain in
user-friendly :

It gives your application new and welcomed fonctionalities.

ATOL/ 98 / Foundation+

This package contains technical and business class libraries.

(complete description - PDF format)

ATOL / Frameworks

This family contains frameworks class libraries which can be customised.
The final application and the database are delivered, ready to use and require only one generation phase in the target environment.
Thanks to its architecture, the different Framework components can easily be customised (Database, functions, panels) with respect of the company standards.
The applications are independent of the developments.

ATOL/Print :
Printing solution for COOL:Plex

(complete description - PDF format)

ATOL/Menu :
Dynamic menus management with a browser

(complete description - PDF format)

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