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The company

Pattern supplier for Advantage Plex (COOL:Plex)
  Azur Technology vocation is to bring its experience in the new Information System Technologies. Client/server Object oriented,Workflow, Document Management Systems,Groupware and the internet.
Therefore Azur Technology is especially geared to help the companies computer department as well as software companies.
Specialist on the applications of COOL:Plex, Azur Technology publishes a set of reusable Objects Class Libraries and Pattern Libraries for COOL:Plex, and proposes highly valuable services.
ATOL for COOL:Plex is a set of Objects Class Libraries and Pattern Libraries specifically designed for COOL:Plex by Computer Associates.
It contains more than 5.000 reusable components, which can be immediately integrated in current developments.
Today, ATOL is used by more than 1000 COOL:Plex developers.

They trusted us !
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