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ATOL Pattern Libraries

COOL:Plex and the Patterns

What is Multiple Inheritance ?
This technology, particular to COOL:Plex of Computer Associates allows you to develop with an even greater approach than what was possible before. Concretely, this means that to design a program and more particularly a Client function, you can assembly several components (called " patterns ") this is to say, elementary functions. Until now, one only had the possibility to use one object which had to contain all of these components while having the choice to activate them, or not, in its reutilization.
Of course, reusable basis objects as well as Business objects (Frameworks) can be used with this new technology.

What does " Panel Component " mean?
This technique which is particular to Microsoft, allows to conceive more powerful and easy to use interfaces. In addition, these interfaces will be easier to develop while performing as before in terms of execution. The idea is to display a single window for the end user, in which the content will correspond to the execution of several programs.

How does one use these new technologies ?
You'll need new Technical, Functional and Business reusable objects when using these new technologies. With these new objects called " patterns " and their specific architectures, you'll be able to use the entire strength of 3.50 new version of COOL:Plex.

What is a pattern ?
It is a recursive combination of objects and classes.
The main interest of patterns is that it enables to manipulate more concepts rather, elaborate objects and classes, and thus to put to work assembly for processing.

COOL:Plex and ATOL
  What is AZUR Technology's position in regards to these new possibilities and Patterns ?
As you already know, AZUR Technology 's goal is to offer the end user easy use solutions with rich functionalities and to your developing team, powerful and performing tools. As a whole, we bring you relevant " Business " solutions, ready to be used in your project and which we call " Business Pattern " (Frameworks).
Along with the evolution of ATOL with its new base libraries and Frameworks, ever since late 1997 we've been working in collaboration with Computer Associates on what we call " Pattern Program ". The fruits of this work are going to enable us to offer you new libraries dedicated to the 3.50 possibilities. We've named this new family : ATOL/Pattern Libraries.

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